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As we prepare to go to print with the Summer 2024 issue of Detroit River Living, it has been one week since the extraordinary grand opening of The Shepherd. Library Street Collective's new visionary arts district, Little Village, is a campus including museum, library, retail, art studio, exhibit space and more. 

At Parkview and Agnes, The Shepherd opened to greater fanfare than I have seen in recent memory. We arrived 10 minutes before the start time and I'm glad we did. By the time we left, the line to get into the Charles McGee exhibit: Time Is Now was nearly a block long. The crowds surrounded the new It Takes a Village Skatepark were also impressive, undoubtedly because Tony Hawk was breaking in the new ramps.

The enormous turnout for the opening of the building that functions as a community arts center, performance space and Black Art Library was a testament to the importance of the arts in Detroit. Be sure to visit the newly opened The Shepherd at 1265 Parkview St.  

Speaking of the importance of the arts in Detroit, I spoke with Carlos Nielbock, founder of C.A.N. Art Handworks, about the need to preserve and restore the incredible historic structures throughout the city. After 14 years in the business, it was one of the most inspiring interviews I have conducted. 

Carlos's knowledge is second to none. After training in the rigorous monastery system of Europe and apprenticing for years, Carlos became a 'journeyman' and finally, a 'master.' His skillset is the only of its caliber in the city and beyond. 

Passionate about teaching the next generation of craftsmen, Carlos has planned a trade school to be built beside his current shop on Wilkins St. in Eastern Market. It would serve as a vital educational institution and job creator in the city. 

The one problem — funding. He is actively looking for investors and is open to sharing details with all. Set up a time to tour his studio or learn more about his groundbreaking plans by calling (313) 392-0116. Read about Carlos and his varied career on page 20.

There is a lot to be excited about this summer on the River — the construction of Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Centennial Park, the creation of a Rivertown Business Improvement Zone, the opening of The Shepherd, Friends of Detroit Rowing's plans for a new watersports campus on Belle Isle. We are grateful for another beautiful season on our beloved Detroit River.

Lauren McGregor


Lastly and as always, we would like to thank all the businesses, advertisers, individuals, clubs and organizations that have supported us in this new venture. Not only are you showcasing your business in a quality magazine, you are also proudly declaring your support for Detroit and the “Sliver on the River.” 

Further, the kind words and compliments we have received have helped spur us on to make every issue of Detroit River Living even better than the last — a stand-alone work of art.

John Minnis


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